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Google to run US Commerce Department?

March 12, 2011


Rumor has it US President Barack Obama may name Google CEO Eric Schmidt as the next US Secretary of Commerce.

According to sources close to the matter, who expressed the search is still preliminary; the US president is considering both Schmidt and Pfizer CEO Jeffrey Kindler.

Obama has actively considered non academic and political elites to fill roles in his administration, including past executives from JPMorgan Chase and other big names.

In addition, ties between Google and the White House have been solid for years. Since the Obama administration took office in 2009, many have reported on the Obama – Google love story. Obama and his advisors have continually relied heavily on Google for input and advice on business, technology and economics – in addition to campaign funding.

Often, many have thought the relationship between them to be too close. Schmidt already sits on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, participated in Obama’s Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth and has met with the US President on a number of occasions. The Google CEO was often on the campaign trail with Obama, stumping across the US and served as an economic advisor to Candidate Obama.

The Commerce post recently became open when Obama announced he was nominating the current secretary, Gary Locke, to be the new US ambassador to China following the resignation of Ambassador Jon Huntsman.

If Schmidt is named Commerce secretary it is possible the US could witness the Googlization of American commerce.

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