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US NATO Commander Admits Al-Qaeda Linked To Libyan Rebels

March 30, 2011

Steve Watson
March 29, 2011

A top ranking NATO Commander has admitted that intelligence has uncovered elements of “al qaeda” amongst Libyan rebel fighters currently receiving tactical military support from US and European led operations inside the country.

The admission serves as yet more confirmation that radical Islamic fundamentalists are part of the opposition groups attempting to oust the nationalist dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi, with the help of the US and its NATO allies.

“We are examining very closely the content, composition, the personalities, who are the leaders of these opposition forces,” Admiral James Stavridis, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and also the commander of U.S. European Command, said during testimony at the U.S. Senate.

“…we have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al Qaeda, Hezbollah, we’ve seen different things.” Stavridis said, while adding that the rebels leadership appeared to be comprised also of “responsible men and women”.

NATO shouldn’t need to look far for such intelligence, however, given that last week the supreme commander of anti Gaddafi rebels forces in Libya acknowledged that among the ranks of those fighting against the government are islamic militants who have fought and killed US troops in Iraq.

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, who made the remarks in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore, an Italian newspaper, also admitted that he had previously recruited fundamentalists to fight in Iraq, and said that the fighters are “today are on the front lines in Adjabiya”.

Those fighters violently oppose the secular regime of Gaddafi and wish to see it destroyed and replaced with sharia law in Libya.

Despite these facts and admissions, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice says the Obama administration has still not ruled out military support for the Libyan rebels.

“We have not made that decision but we’ve not certainly ruled that out,” Rice told “Good Morning America” anchor George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday morning. She did not answer a question about whether military support would include arming the rebels.

Why aid al qaeda affiliated rebels? Well for one, they are more open to dealing directly with US and European oil companies than Gaddafi who has been considering completely nationalizing the oil industryfor the last eighteen months.

Secondly, they are easily transformed into dangerous terrorist enemies, should the globalist elite need an excuse to strengthen their grip in the future.


It comes as little surprise that elements of radicals would make up some of the Libyan rebel groups, given that, as Webster Tarpley has highlighted, the Benghazi-Darnah-Tobruk area is a world capital for al qaeda or mujahedin suicide bomber recruitment, according to a 2007 West Point study.

The study found that Libya was the second-largest source of foreign guerilla jihadi fighters entering Iraq in the world.

“Libya contributed far more fighters per capita than any other nationality… including Saudi Arabia,” the authors concluded.

“The apparent surge in Libyan recruits traveling to Iraq may be linked to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’s [LIFG] increasingly cooperative relationship with al Qaeda, which culminated in the LIFG officially joining al Qaeda on November 3, 2007,” the report states.

As detailed in a London Telegraph report, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, leader of the Libyan rebels, was a member of the LIFG.

Despite all this evidence, as well as outright admissions from the rebels themselves and NATO commanders, Neolib gatekeeping media outlets, such as the George Soros funded Think Progress, have ridiculously suggested that it’s all some sort of conservative right wing conspiracy against president Obama.

“… in recent days, some prominent conservatives have been attacking President Obama for essentially fighting on behalf of al Qaeda by joining the international intervention in Libya, without offering any evidence for this inflammatory charge.” George Zornick writes, ignoring the fact that there is ample evidence, as we have already presented.

Even after all the lies and subterfuge surrounding the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the likes of Zornick remain perpetually locked in a left vs right political paradigm cell, constructed entirely of their own cognitive dissonance.

The ruling global elite, yes there is a global ruling elite Mr Zornick – that is not a conspiracy theory – in the form of the Western military industrial complex, continually back both sides while forwarding their own strategic geopolitical agenda. We have seen this time and again. You know they do, you have seen it time and again – it is no different this time around.

Zornick cannot compute. Obama=good, Bush=bad no longer computes. World is more complicated than programming can comprehend. Zornick will self destruct in ten seconds. Information overload. Information overload.

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