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Russia: “4 Hectares of New Land Emerged, from the Shift of Tectonic Plates”

September 14, 2011


Apologies to Alexsandr, from whose Q to the Z’s on the 9/3 Q & A Chat I borrowed this. I feel this deserves a blog post. Land appearing virtually overnite from admitted plate activity. This is just more proof of Planet X’s influence, IMO.

Below a Google translation of a report, source of which, including video, here.

Amazing natural phenomenon has been documented in recent days. Huge beds of clay and stone rose by about 5 meters above the Sea of ​​Azov in the Temryuk district of Krasnodar region, forming a peninsula.

Scientists suggest that the cause of the “new lands” have awakened mud volcanoes, and seismologists have carefully calculate the probability of earthquakes, arguing that the population has no reason to panic.

The huge strip of land length 800 and width 50 meters literally grew up on the very spot where, just a week ago, lapped the Sea of ​​Azov.

Thus, the area of ​​Russia increased by 4 hectares at once.

Discovery made by local residents who immediately called the SSC FGUGP “Yuzhmorgeologiya” and told the geologists of the new land.

– We actually recorded the emergence of a new generation – told Life News Specialist “Yuzhmorgeologiya” Paul Alekseenko. – It’s safe to say that for several days, the bottom has risen to 5 meters above sea level. “Land” consists of a solid mixture of clay, rocks, tectonic formations, all marine debris. Nothing like this in Taman never happened!

While scientists have speculated on and build a different hypothesis.

Seismologists believe that under the influence of yet unknown force (*Note: To those who are aware of ZetaTalk, the force is known. It is Planet X) tectonic plates began to converge and squeeze out a layer of clay. Pressure, which could set in motion a volume of soil, according to conservative estimates, was equal to 24 million tons.

However, it remains unclear why such a powerful underground processes have not been fixed special equipment, leading continuous monitoring of crustal movement.

– Usually accompanied by tectonic disturbances increased levels of radon – told Life News chief seismogeodynamic monitoring “Yuzhmorgeologiya” Vladimir Fomenko. – However, in this case, radon are normal. Therefore, we can not yet say with certainty what really happened.

Currently, scientists are closely watching for any changes in indications and devices continue to seek an answer to the question of what caused the seabed to the surface. (Emphasis added)

(*Note: It is Planet X)

I’ve edited this post somewhat, after Nancy commented, and provided ZetaTalk on the issue. Thanks Nancy & the Z’s!!

As is clear from the Kiev trumpets and the horn of Homel
in Belarus, this part of the great Eurasian Plate is pulling apart, a stretch zone. A quick glance at geography shows why. Though the Dniepier River descending from the Ukraine diverts to the Black Sea, and the Volga River descending from Russia diverts to the Caspian Sea, it is clear that BOTH are pointing at the Sea of Azov. The entire region, including the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, and the rivers feeding them is part of a stretch zone. River channels indicate a weak point in the crust, a point where pulling apart is most likely to happen. As the Sea of Azov is at the tip of this triangle of descending rivers, the stretch is likely to play like a pin-pong game there, a tug and release action at the Taman straits.

Where most stretch zones are pulled in a single direction, such as the East Coast of the US being pulled directly east toward the Atlantic Rift, stretch zones can compete, and in such cases vibrations occur. Florida is being pulled east and also southwest due to the Caribbean Plate edge lifting at the Gulf, providing an alternate route. Thus, the Tampa Bay howl recently recorded, due to the vibration during competition. In Belarus and the Ukraine, likewise, there is competition, as a complex drama is playing out during the 7 of 10 scenarios. This stretch zone is pulling east, at somewhat of a diagonal toward the southeast as the Eurasian Plate border runs down along Turkey and beneath Iran. At the same time, because the African Plate will be dropping and pulling to the west as it does so, there is a tug in this direction. Thus, the vibrations in Homel and Kiev.

The straits near Taman are actually being pulled in three directions. First southeast along the Eurasian Plate border, then a bounce back to the northwest when the tug releases, then a tug to the southwest when the African Plate tends to drop and move slightly to the west during the African roll, which has already started to a slight degree. Pull a piece of cloth with a hole in the center over some dough, and pull alternately in three different directions, and see what the dough does. As the cloth is pulled in one direction, the cloth is pressed down, and the dough moves away from that spot to the obvious outlet, the hole in the center of the cloth. Likewise for the other directions, so the dough at the center gradually squeezes out. The strait at Taman is clearly a weak point in the crust, equivalent to the hole in the cloth.

There was also a mine explosion nearby, back in late July.

  1. Mark Rabone
    September 15, 2011 at 2:39 am

    I’m about to have a nervise break down, It takes me up to 3 hours to go to sleep and I’m worse than the princess with her pee, But ever since japan and christchurch earthquakes struck everynight I feel little earthquaks some for a minute and some for hours, I’ve changed beds three times and I know its not me, But if this is the effects of planet X so far away I think the biblical storys maybe wright, we are in for one hell of a ride, I don’t no extra censory preception like the dogs running away from the wave before we can even see it or sence it. but somthing is there planet x or somthing billions of time smaller and heavier is the only thing that could effect us like this, If planet x is strong enough to do this from so far away then our own sun would destroyed us before earth was even formed, its a combination of things or one big thing, What about the second calaxy that is forming with the milkyway galaxy at the moment, that would have to have a black hole to and one galaxy is going to have to complie, let the battle of the invisible super giant nothings begin now that doesn’t make sence.

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